Ants in my Eyes Johnson from Rick and Morty. Everything is black. He can’t see a thing!


It is late and i must sleeeep, but i remembered i had made this so i wouldn’t have to reference Rick and The Doctor, but i never posted it anywhere because i wanted the picture to be a surprise… annd reason i’m not showing Clara/Morty’s is because that one ended up being in the final version of the picture:P


I heard you wanted half the plot to episode 7 of Rick and Morty. 

But really if Morty ever talked to Dipper he would destroy the poor boy with his stories.


Rick spittin’ that mad science game.

I don’t know why I decided to doodle up this comic. I think I wanted to do something with the whole family together and Beth secretly wanting her parents to get back together (To sort of justify her own marriage.)

But I loved drawing Beth all excited at her Dad actually attempting to say something nice to her mom (as reconcile) 

(Not to mention the fact that despite all those mean things said about Bonnie, or how much he pretended to hate her, he’d STILL hit it.)

Anyway, feedback always appreciated.


This is an un-edited version of what I did for the ”rick and morty exploit the fans!” art contest

Congrats to all the winners! Nope I didn’t win anything


Things I should be ashamed of drawing,but am not,because it’s too cute: Tirty


grandma no 

……incidentally my headcanon is that instead of the writers never even thinking there could be non-cis male versions of rick and morty out there, (50/50 chance and yet) all the female or nonbinary identifying alternative versions simply chose to not have anything to do with the council of old misogynists yeehaa 


My friends say that I draw Rick hawt. Wat.


Inktober day 15 - two messed up Mortys


Only zombies will do,
cuz to get with her you gotta love a lot of brains.

Some young Bonnie Boo for your Inktober dashes :) 
2 years before Beth was born :)